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Calgary Karate Pro
Calgary Karate Pro

Classes - Joining Calgary Karate Club

New students are welcome all year round. Classes are for adults, families and children age six and up. Feel free to drop in and our friendly instructors will be glad to assist you and get you started. You can also reach us at our phone number (403) 605-5215 or by e-mail at


Through your training you can achieve the physical and mental strength needed not only for your training, but also for creating a better life for yourself.


Our academy uses for Kyokushin Karate a belt system for students to indicate their progress in learning the arts.


Achieving the first black belt grade can take five to seven years of training. The Kyokushin black belt is one of the most respected and valuable Dan (black belt) degree in the Martial Arts world.


Our direct affiliation and recognition by international organizations is the guarantee that you and your family will receive the highest quality instruction available in Canada in a safe and friendly environment. 


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