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What do I need to bring to my trial class?


Bring some athletic clothes. The best thing to wear is either sweat or jogging pants and a plain T-shirt. Please do not wear jeans or dresses. Also, it is best to remove all the jewelry and watches.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need experience to join?


No, all you need to do is to show up and be ready to have a great workout.

My child is not six years old yet. Can he/she join the club?


Most children under six have a very difficult time with motor skills and focus required to handle an hour and half long karate class. The youngest age we take students is six. However, if the child is accompanied by an older brother/sister or parent that actively joins the class than the request may be considered.

I have previous Martial Arts experience from another school. Do I need to start over as a white belt ?


This depends on the style previously studied and the current ability level. Confidence Academy puts emphasis on the quality of technique. Students that come from a traditional martial arts school and demonstrate good technique may be able to transfer into our style at an appropriate level. If this is the case for you, please contact us  to discuss your specific situation.

Is your program a course or an ongoing activity?


Our program is an ongoing based activity and runs throughout the year. New students can subscribe any time.

Is there a certain way to wear the karate uniform?


The right side of the jacket has to be worn above the left side. This convention originates in Japan where our martial arts comes from.  The only time when this practice is changed is for one`s own funeral.

How do I tie my karate belt?


Click here to see the steps.

What is the cost?


Please contact us for pricing. We have monthly and drop-in options for regular group classes.  Semi-private and private lessons are also offered. 

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