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School Rules

Are there any special rules that I have to follow during the martial arts classes?


Yes, we call it Dojo Etiquette. Everything we do in the dojo from the moment when we step in until the end of the training has a reason. The dojo etiquette was designed to help you with your training and to understand martial arts. The etiquette consists of common sense, plain good manners and old traditions. 

  • Students will bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.

  • Proper respect will be shown to all senior levels.

  • No student will leave the class without permission from the instructor.

  • Only a clean uniform will be worn.

  • Any jewelry and other articles like watches must be removed prior to training.

  • In the dojo you should always show good manners and listen carefully to the instructor’s directions.

  • Do not waste time, treat your training seriously and always show a respectful attitude.



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