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Single Stick Controlled Sparring

Focus Areas

Stick Fighting (Arnis/Kali/Eskrima)

Filipino Martial Arts called by the interchangeable terms Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima has as foundation the single and double sticks fighting, known as aka baston and olisi. Calgary Karate Club emphasizes footwork techniques, striking accuracy and defensive skills to create a long-lasting foundational understanding in beginners and sharpen the skills of the  more established students.

Stick Fighting is the foundational base where all other aspects of Filipino martial arts stem.


Controlled Sparring Concepts

Controlled sparing is an essential part of Calgary Karate Club's training program. Padded weaponry and unarmed sparring in a controlled environment allow for students to apply tactics and principles they have learned safely and constructively.


Edged Weapons 

Safety is our number one priority at Calgary Karate Club and it is strictly enforced. Proper equipment like protective eyewear and training knives allows for a controlled environment, where students will learn both armed and unarmed defensive and offensive techniques against a knife-wielding attacker.



Filipino martial arts might be known for stick fighting, but like any martial art, there is also an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat. Calgary Karate Club focuses on striking, trapping and takedown concepts for close-quarter and intermediate range confrontations.

Private Lessons

The instructor provides uniquely tailored interactive lesson plans that will help students with both their combat skills and fitness. Stick Fighting is highly technical and corrective actions and progression charts will be provided for all skill levels.


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